Wooden Maths/Number Discs - MAC Creations Laser Co.
Wooden Maths/Number Discs
Wooden Maths/Number Discs
Wooden Maths/Number Discs

Wooden Maths/Number Discs

MAC Creations Laser Co.
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Our wooden number and math symbol discs are great for helping your child learn basic maths and number recognition.
The set includes the numbers 0-9 (3 of each), as well as duplicates of the most common mathematical symbols (+, -, =, x, X,Y, <, > etc.)
47 discs in total.
The discs measure 5 cm diameter, and are laser engraved and cut from beautiful 3mm pine ply.
They come in a handy calico storage bag. 

The opportunities for fun are endless!
- Practice recognizing the numbers.
- Play memory with the matching numbers
- Play snap with the matching numbers
- Race to call out the number when it is flipped over
- Use Playdough to push on the number and make imprints. 
- Place paper over the top and use chalk or crayons make rubbing art.
- Practice putting the numbers into numerical order - forwards and backwards.
- Make patterns, eg. counting by 2's
- Make a pattern sequence and take away some of the numbers. Work out which numbers are missing.
- Practice calculations - eg. 4 x 12 = X

Care instructions: Spot clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe if necessary. Allow to dry completely before storing.

Note: This is NOT A TOY. Please use under adult supervision.
For ages 3+