Name Cut-Out - Font 7 - MAC Creations Laser Co.
Name Cut-Out - Font 7 - MAC Creations Laser Co.
Name Cut-Out - Font 7 - MAC Creations Laser Co.

Name Cut-Out - Font 7

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Our beautiful name plaques are laser cut from 3mm acrylic or 2.5 mm bamboo wood.

The size refers to the total width of the word/name - the height of each letter will depend on the name chosen. Shorter names will have taller letters, while longer names will have shorter letters.

Please enter the single NAME AND COLOUR that you would like in the text box above. Please double check the spelling before you submit your order.

Please note that some fonts/names have spacing between letters. Please select if you would like all of the letters moved together to join to make the name a single piece of acrylic/wood. This includes the dot of the i, which is moved down to join the body of the i. Alternatively, the name can be left with natural spacing, and may be in several pieces. Please see the example pics.

Colour Options: Please see the colour chart pics for available options. Please note that 'DS' stands for 'double-sided'. This acrylic is slightly see through, with the glitter flecks throughout the acrylic sheet. Please note that the blue and pink mirror options are only available up to a max of 60 cm in length.

Note: We offer numerous font options. Please browse our other products. If you cant find what you are after, please just purchase here, and add a note in the text personalisation box above with the name of the specific font or style that you are after. If requesting a different font, we will send through a design proof for approval prior to cutting.

The wall plaque is sent on its own - no hardware/hanging materials are included. We recommend using mounting tape (eg 3M tape) to hang your sign. There are plenty of readily available options at the supermarket, hardware store etc. Please be sure to select a suitable product for your wall type.

Note: This is NOT A TOY. These name signs are fragile, and are intended as a décor item only. Please keep out of reach of children. Please handle with care when opening and hanging.