Blank Bow Holder
Blank Bow Holder
Blank Bow Holder
Blank Bow Holder

Blank Bow Holder

MAC Creations Laser Co.
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Blank bows - perfect for making bow holders/hangers.

Just add your own ribbon and string/rope. Personalize it with adhesive vinyl.

18.6 cm wide x 15 cm high.

Sold as a bundle of 5 (all in one colour).

Round holes at top are 5mm diameter. Slots at bottom are 2cm wide x 2mm high.
Hole/slot sizes can be changed to suit. Please contact us.

Acrylic is posted with protective paper/film on front and back. Acrylic is 3mm thick.

Bamboo is posted with protective paper on front. Bamboo may require light sanding before use. Bamboo is 2.5mm thick.

Other shapes and colours available on request.

Please note - mirror acrylics are only mirror on front side. Frosted acrylic is frosted on one side and gloss clear on the other.