How-To: Easy Easter Bunny Cake Hack

We LOVE a good Coles/Woollies cake hack. They’re our go-to for any family event. They make it so quick and easy to make a professional-looking cake, and they taste pretty good too! Follow our step by step guide to create your beautiful Easter table centerpiece.

All you need:
- 3 x Coles Or Woolworths mud cakes (we used Coles White Choc mud for this)
- Buttercream icing (link to our favourite recipes below)
- Flowers/faux-flowers and foam (or chocolate) eggs for decorations
- Bunny ears cake topper – we have two beautiful options. Find them here.
- Helper – Miss 3 was my helper today. Lots of mess, lots of laughs and lots of licking.

- Pop the cakes in the fridge or freezer to chill while you make the icing (or the night before if you’re super organized). This isn’t essential, but does make it easier to get a clean icing coat without cake crumbs sneaking in.

-Make the buttercream icing and pop aside.
Usually I would make icing in the Thermomix, but when you have a little helper, where’s the fun in that!? So I reverted back to my old faithful fave – Gemma’s Buttercream Frosting.

-Stack your cakes! Peel off the paper from each cake.  I don’t bother cutting the tops of the cakes flat… they’re usually flattish straight from the container, plus I love the layer of icing that is on there already, so just use them as is! Plop a dollop (yep that’s the technical term) of icing on your cake board/cake stand and place your first cake base down and press gently to make sure it’s stuck on. Then put a layer of buttercream on top of this cake, before stacking your next one, another layer of buttercream, then your top cake goes on upside down. Try to make it as straight as possible. You should end up with something that looks a bit like this. I know it’s not pretty, but bear with me!

- Ice the cakes. Use a spatula/cake paddle/knife (or whatever you have!) to ice the cakes. I do the sides first, then the top. You need to fill in those big gaps between where the cakes are stacked… so don’t be afraid to be generous with your icing on the sides. Once you have a good level of coverage all around, you can work on smoothing it. Here is where my patience wains, but seriously, it doesn’t have to be perfect… mine certainly wasn’t! I like to use a pastry scraper, but if you don’t have one of those, the back edge of a large knife works fine (be careful!). Hold it in place at the side of the cake while slowly turning the cake, to smooth it all the way around. I then do my best on top (we’re going to cover that anyway). You should now have something that looks a bit like this! If you are aiming for a really smooth finish on your buttercream, you can always dip your scraper/knife into boiling water, dry it and then run it around the cake again.

-Decorating is the fun part. I opted for fake flowers, they’re cheap, safe and hold shape beautifully. I covered the top of the cake in the flowers, then Miss 3 stuck on a few foam eggs, and I added the finishing touch – the cute bunny ears cake topper (link). If the wooden/rustic look isn’t your thing, we also offer a beautiful double layered acrylic option (link). And you’re done! Pop it in the centre of your Easter table and wait for the “ooh’s” and “aah’s”!

- Check out the rest of our Easter Range!

- We found the faux-flowers and eggs at our local dollar store.

- If using real flowers, please make sure they aren’t poisonous. Please chat with your florist about what would be suitable, and they should even wrap the stems for you!