Blank Acrylic Discs Circles - 2mm thick
Blank Acrylic Discs/Circles - 2mm thick

Blank Acrylic Discs/Circles - 2mm thick

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2mm thick acrylic discs, available in black, white or clear acrylic.

These fit the Cricut machine for engraving and also for vinyl.

5 cm diameter - $0.60 each
6 cm diameter - $0.80 each
8cm diameter - $1 each
10cm diameter - $1.50 each
SOLD IN BUNDLES OF 10 - So if you select the 10 cm size, this will be $15 for 10 discs (+postage).

These acrylic discs are sold BLANK with protective paper still on.
Acrylic disks allow just one smooth surface on top which also helps reduce cake breakage by giving it strength when cut into pieces before serving guests. They give us even more options in choosing finishing touches.